These measurments are for the original VXSDR 20-160 board design; the design is being revised to incorporate improvements from the more recent VXSDR 20-600. The only change expected to the measured data below is in the transmit power: the output amplifier of the VXSDR 20-160 has been changed to improve manufacturability. This will change the transmit power by as much as +/- 3 dB from the original design shown below. We will update this page with measurements of the revised design when those boards are complete.

Receive Noise Figure

Measured at maximum RX gain (31.5 dB).

Noise figure graph

Transmit Power

Measured at maximum TX gain (15.5 dB) with a digital input of 50% of full scale (16000 counts peak).

Transmit power graph

Receive Sensitivity

Measured at maximum RX gain (31.5 dB) with a −40 dBm input signal.

Receive sensitivity graph