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VXSDR Microwave Software Defined Radios

The VXSDR 20-160 is now available!

You can find details and place orders on Crowd Supply's VXSDR 20-160 Page.

Picture of the VXSDR 20-160

The VXSDR 20-160 is the first member of the VXSDR family. It's a microwave software defined radio that transmits and receives from 5 to 20 GHz at 160 million samples per second. The next family member, the VXSDR 20-600, has the same RF performance with larger bandwidth, at 600 million samples per second.

We designed the VXSDR 20 family for the 5-20 GHz range where there aren't many cost-effective alternatives. It's similar to other commercial software defined radios, but covers the upper part of C band, all of X and Ku bands, and the lower part of K band (it's usable to 22 GHz). We made the design modular to support future versions with faster data transfer, higher sample rates, and extended frequency coverage.

The VXSDR 20's basic specifications are given on our specs page. If you'd like more information, you can ask a question on the questions page, or email us at