May 9, 2022

We've almost completed the design for the VXSDR-20-160's bigger brother, the VXSDR-20-600, which will have the same RF performance with 600 MSPS transmit and receive and a 40 Gb Ethernet interface. More information will be posted here when we begin testing our first boards.

We've tweaked the VXSDR-20 RF design to replace an amp in the transmit chain that has repeatedly proven difficult for our board assembly vendors to place. The revised design will reduce the transmit power by 2 dB over some parts of the 5-20 GHz range, and by 6 dB at 22 GHz, but performance will otherwise remain the same. We've also revised the LO chains to allow the use of an external LO input for precise multiboard synch on both transmit and receive.

The supply chain issues which have prevented us from opening the VXSDR-20-160 for orders on Crowd Supply still continue. We have a small stockpile of the unavailable parts, which we are reserving for our R&D programs, and we have a standing order with a distributor that will allow us to take Crowd Supply orders once it's filled. We will let everyone know, here and through Crowd Supply, as soon as we have any reliable information on when that will happen.

February 21, 2022

We’re continuing to work on the software and test hardware and software performance, and that’s going well. Last week, we completed our first successful long test run -- 24 hours of simultaneous transmit and receive at 160 MSPS with no data overflows or underflows. We’re close to finalizing version 1.0 of the host API, and will open the GitHub repo for public access when we reach that point.

Like almost everyone who makes electronics now, we are struggling with parts availability. We’ve redesigned the current board to replace several minor parts that are unavailable, but there’s one major part that is difficult to replace. This is an issue that will probably take some time to resolve; we will post updates here and through CrowdSupply as we work on a solution.

December 8, 2021

The VXSDR-20 has been accepted to the Qorvo RF Accelerator on Crowd Supply! See the pre-launch page here, and subscribe for updates on the project.

September 22, 2021

We gave a lightning talk on the VXSDR-20 at the 2021 GNU Radio Conference; the slides are available here.